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Argan Oil

Invaluable oil of Argan of Morocco:

The history starts like a fairy tale, like a myth resulting from the bottom of the ages. Much speaks about it, nobody tastes it, or just a few people, of this marvellous oil which makes the body of the women smoother than the skin of a peach and which gives to food a savour worthy of the houris' table to the eyes of gazelle.

22.95 €

Prickly Pear Oil

It results from it a gilded and voluptuous oil which you will longitudinally apply the evening by massage to the face, the neck and the low neckline.

Of a light texture, this very rare and extremely nutritive oil preserves the youth of the skin while revealing the beauty of the dye which finds glare and freshness.

37.95 €

Argan Oil Vanilla

Skincare with pure Madagascar vanilla and Argan Oil from Marocco, she gives your skin softer, with adding a good smell.

Some drops of this oil is enough to feel a soft warmness and gives to your skin a seducing smell. Travel all around your body can begin now !

31.95 €

Argan Oil Green Tea Mint

Green Tea suits as well to skin health, also to hair health. It gives softness and brightness to hair dull by shampoo, hair drier, dye.

Argan Oil Green Tea Marocco Mint protects your skin against dryness cause it really moisturising.

It tones the skin and gives her a younger and smoother aspect.

29.95 €

Argan oil Ylang

The natural Ylang Ylang massage oil is ideal to awaken you vitality softly.

Ylang Ylang is an Indonesian flower well known for its aphrodisiac properties and its spicy smell
Its stimulating and relaxing properties will increase your libido, and lead you to sensuality and tenderness.
The massage oil is combined with Argan oil.

29.95 €

Baobab Oil

Baobab oil is derived from "the tree of a thousand years" of African legend and inspiration is the ultimate moisturizer of Senegalese.

Extracted from the seeds contained in fruits "monkey bread", these seeds are very hard to be crushed before extracting the kernels, which can then be pressed. Seed yield is very low, between 4-5% oil, making it an oil very rare and very precious.

29.45 €

Desert date oil

The oil is used in traditional medicines for the treatment of skin diseases.

Sump oil is a regulator of blood pressure. It is also used to treat rheumatism.

This oil can be used in massage to relieve joint pain and to treat skin problems

29.45 €

Moringa oil

Moringa oil or oil "nebeday"which means "never dies" is the vitality of this eternal tree: it grows when cut immediately with the first rains.

The seed powder has the ability to treat and purify water that is well rid of his drinking and made bacteria.

The seeds are spherical with wings hyaline. This dark yellow oil is known under the name "oil of Ben. "

29.45 €

Organic Tamanu Oil Tahiti

The tamanu, also called “Bay-tree of Alexandria”, “kamanu”, “ATI”, or the “calophylle”, is a tree pertaining to the family of Guttifères.

Sometimes high of 20 meters, it's from tropical Asia, and pushes in Polynesia, Mélanésie and in all Oceania. The sheets, the fruits and the wood of Tamanu were used in various fields.

Its wood was exploited for example to manufacture dugouts and statues of idols.

31.44 €

Black cumin seed Oil

The oil of Nigelle contains many unsaturated fatty-acids and poly-unsaturates, like the linoleic acids and linoleic gamma, as well as vitamins and minerals.

The oil of Nigelle inhibits the oxidation of the cellular membranes by free a anti-radicals effect (anti-ageing) and inhibits the formation of inflammatory molecules.

27.95 €

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