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Black Soap Making all

Unavoidable, it is a multi-purpose household product, 100% natural and biodegradable, no fumes.

Completely biodegradable, it is not hazardous and does very little foam, it is very concentrated, and small quantities are needed:

The soap has the great advantage of being very versatile longer need an army of drums and other containers that clutter your closet and burden your budget!
Pure vegetable, without solvent, 100% natural and biodegradable, it respects our environment.

12.95 €

Chebka natural sponge and ecological

Today when we use a sponge classical, industrial manufacturing, to clean surfaces, we see that we bring much more than we take away germs.

Indeed they are nests bacteria. Furthermore, when we want to rub a rough surface, pieces of sponge and tear create small pills.

World Resources has had the original idea of reviving an old method, natural and ecological your housework.

The Chebka offers many advantages:

6.95 €