Richesses du monde



Richesses du Monde go further today to satisfy the beauty professionals.
You have now the possibility to train yourself to the cares Richesse du Monde.
Completes formations will make you master each product and use them in a precise way, issued form ancestral recipe and full of active concentrate from the fourth world's corners.
It will let you propose to your clients personalised cares and of a high quality.

The different modules :

1. Richesses du Monde products (2 days) *
2. Face skincare (1 day)
3. Body care (1 day)
4. Hands and feet beauty (1 day)
5. Oriental modelling (1 day)
6. Caramel oriental depilation (2 days)
7. Henna tattoo (1 day)

* Module 1 is necessary to access to modules 2, 3 and 4.
Your collect organism has the possibility to finance these formations.
These formations are also accessible to people who would like to train for a personal interest.

They will be runned by Sonia, agreed and diplomaed trainer.
For further informations, please contact us to :