Richesses du monde
The Scrubs

Black Soap Scrub

Mistresses in art to magnify their skin, the women of the area of Essaouira in Morocco inherited a secrecy of beauty of their ancestors.

This secrecy is contained in a vegetable and natural paste containing olive cores which one names the soft soap.

Its suave perfume with the essential oil of eucalyptus and its elastic texture recall instantaneously all to the Morrocan women the magic universe of the hammam.

21.95 €

Ghassoul Organic Clay

Women of Atlas, a mountainous solid mass which extends from Morocco to Tunisia, know well the priorities of this clay mouthful of sun and flavours.

Avicenne, famous doctor and Arab philosopher, celebrated it, praised of his splendour and quite before him, the Egyptians did as Papyrus attests it.

Sold on the stalls of the markets in the powder shape, this clay contains many minerals which confers its admirable virtues to him.

21.95 €

Cane Sugar Scrub

In the Amazon forests, the women use cane sugar to get rid of the died skins, lemon-flavoured oil throat to nourish and moisturise in-depth.

They apply a handful of grains to their hot and wet skin, then by movements circulars, enjoy the massage delightfully.

Discover this gumming gorged with crystals of cane sugar of organic Brazil scented with essential organic lemon oils.

23.95 €

Himalaya Salt Scrub

Himalaya salt comes from the sea and exactly from fossils deposits let by the sea. Extracted by hand, the deposits are located at 700 meters of depth, which protects the salt form all kind of pollutions.

Alexandre le Grand was the first one, around 350 before JC, to organize the transport of the Himalaya salt on the commercial road which goes from North-East India till South-East Asia.

25.65 €

Organic Coffee Scrub

Travel at heart of South America !

At Guatemala, where there is the extraordinary maya civilisation, is also the country of Indian people and volcano.

There, Indian people conserved their traditions, dances, and coloured hand craft. Coffee scrub is often used in cosmetic for cellulite ointment.
It's excellent to drain and tone the skin.

26.55 €