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Masks & Treatments


Relieves muscle inflammation and pain after a fall, shock, sprains, muscle tear ... Reduces pain where it hurts

11.90 €


This heating patch will work on the origin of joint pain, such as osteoarthritis, arthritis having the same effect as traditional hot water bottle

11.90 €

Shea Butter

In Sahelian Africa, the Shea tree is crowned, it is offered at the time of ritual of initiation, marriages, it marks the respect with the family ties.

From his birth, the baby is massed with butter and all its life along, the Shea tree will accompany him.

16.85 €

Rice Mask

They draw an oil from it from sound, used for his regenerating properties.

In addition, the oil of rice germ, rich in fatty-acids unsaturated, hydrating and nutritive, uses the composition of many ointment.

16.85 €


Traditionally in India, we still prepare to the brides some baths filled with water scented with the coconut milk, strewn with petals of pink.

19.95 €

Rose Water

Natural care removing

This flower is everywhere symbol of Beauty and Love.
The most odorous flower, most romantic and most spellbinding in the World is declined out of oil and water, by distillation.

Native from Morocco, the floral water of pink has lenitive, purifying, alleviating and refreshing virtues.

11.95 €

Tiger Balm Red

A real efficiency, the red tiger balm will relieve you of any bruises, joint pain, muscle pain, widely used in extreme sports.

13.50 €

White Tiger Balm

White Tiger Balm is an incomparable care as very effective and used since ancient times for migraines and headaches, insect bites, relieves bronchial and sinus

13.50 €

Tiger Balm Red

For extreme sports, muscle pain, through the simple sprain, Tiger Balm to proven its effectiveness, essential in his medical kit

7.95 €

Tiger Balm White

White Tiger Balm you relieve sinus, bronchi during the chills of winter, but also migraines and headaches

7.95 €