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Research: Multi-Agents and / or distributor and Selling Home

Home sales of natural and organic cosmetics World:

You want to round your ends of month, increase the family budget while holding your free time, manage your schedule as you wish to spend more time with your children, to meetings with your friends and your surroundings without the pressure of a turnover to reach each month, the taste of human exchange over a cup of tea and a homemade cake, work freely while providing organic and natural cosmetics, ayurvedic food supplements until at Indian teas, to massage oils and other hammocks and even see what we offer not found elsewhere, it is our concept, the world's welfare in your hands it is now possible with Richesses du Monde who now wishes to develop its own network of Sales at Home and is currently looking for trustworthy people and very kind.

We love the simple people of all continents and all skin colors, there will be no discrimination here, on the contrary we love this mix of culture, original and thought, whether you're at the other side of the ocean or you speak a different language, you're welcome, wellbeing is international and everyone is entitled to benefit.

Try your luck and send us a message by clicking on 'Contact' our website:, we can do the interview on skype and do not forget, there is a genius who sleep in each of us.

Looking for commercial agents for several firms and/or distributors.

For the distribution of our selective cosmetic line on the european market.

Richesses du Monde is today one of the valuable reference of the beauty world based on plants and pioneer of the scientist research for natural beauty products area.

Thanks to researchers of the laboratory of R&D, Richesses du Monde get a know-how unique on the master of actives vegetables.

To take profit of the wonderful plant potential, to privilege the natural components for the exceptional skin tolerance, Richesses du Monde propose efficient and trustworthy products.

Our high level products, specially for face and body, are distributed on drugstores, biologic boutiques, beauty institutes, spas and hammam, and luxe hotels.

Our mission will be to follow our clients and develop a new clientele.
If you are interested, please write an email to :